As a parent, if your child dies a part of you dies with them.

We rage, grieve and mourn then start all over again.

Losing a baby can feel like the end of happiness and the death of hope.

But it doesn’t have to be.

And you don’t have to go through it alone.

My name is Sara and I lost my newborn son Jack to a rare labor complication in 2011.

My husband and I received unparalled support from the Pregnancy Loss Support Program and now I’m proud to be a volunteer counselor.

I also teamed up with Nurture{Bklyn} to bring a pregnancy loss support group to families in Brooklyn, NY.

Our goal is that every parent who’s been through the unthinkable can have someone who’s been there helping them learn to heal.

WHAT is the Pregnancy Loss Support Program?

The Pregnancy Loss Support Program (PLSP) is a free, non-denominational program that offers nationwide telephone counseling and New York metro area support groups for parents who have experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth or newborn loss.

In existence for over three decades, PLSP is overseen by a highly experienced, licensed social worker and run by professionally trained volunteers who have themselves suffered a loss and received support from the program previously.

As much for fathers as it is for mothers, PLSP is open to all regardless of background, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation. Single parents will also benefit from this unique and powerful program.

In addition to working with the newly bereaved, PLSP also has counselors who can provide telephone support for pregnancy following a loss or adoption following a loss.

PLSP is a community service of the National Council of Jewish Women New York Section

HOW does it work?

The first step in receiving support is to contact program director Naomi Skop Richter at: 646-884-9464 or

Naomi will do a brief intake then promptly match each bereaved family (or parent, as the case may be) with a telephone counselor who can provide personalized calls on your schedule. Male and female volunteers are available and each parent is eligible for three, hour-long sessions generally scheduled on consecutive weeks. Couples who wish to be counseled together can also receive support from another couple.

Following telephone support, New York metro area families can also join in person support groups which meet at a location on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Held approximately four times a year, the support groups bring a small group of bereaved parents together for evening meetings held once a week for six weeks. The meetings, for the same group of parents each time, are run by two professionally trained volunteers who have themselves experienced a loss and cover topics such as:

  • Coping with grief
  • The response of family, friends, clergy and the medical community to the loss
  • The impact the loss might have on a couple’s relationship
  • Dealing with anger, jealousy and guilt
  • Rituals of remembrance
  • Facing another pregnancy

These support groups are an invaluable opportunity to connect with others who understand what you’re going through and provide sanctuary for speaking honestly about your feelings, fears and experiences. The friendships forged under these circumstances can often last for years.

WHERE can I find additional support?

Counseling & Support Groups

First Candle (24/7 grief counselors: 800-221-7437)

The Pregnancy Loss Support Program (free nationwide telephone counseling and NYC support groups)

Nurture{Bklyn} Support Group for Pregnancy and Infant Loss (pay what you can support group, Brooklyn, NY)

Mount Sinai Hospital Perinatal Bereavement Program (free nationwide telephone counseling and NYC support groups)

MISS Foundation (free peer led support via one-to-one mentoring, support groups & online forums)

Share: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support (support group chapters throughout the U.S. as well as peer led Facebook groups)

Mending Hearts (online support group as well as phone based one-to-one grief mentoring)

The Compassionate Friends (free nationwide support groups for the death of a child)

Postpartum Support International (free weekly phone calls with a licensed mental health professional about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders)

Mental Health

Postpartum Progress

Robust online resource devoted to raising awareness, reducing stigma, providing social support and connecting mothers to help for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

Postpartum Support International

Online and telephone based support providing current information, resources, education and advocacy related to perinatal mental health including national and international provider listings.

The Postpartum Stress Center

Information and support related to maternal mental health as well as extensive national provider listings.

Further Resources

Doula support for bereaved families here and here.

How to talk with parents after the death of their baby and other useful information.

Online story sharing site for parents who’ve experienced miscarriage, stillbirth or newborn loss.

Community healing projects supporting parents after the death of a baby or child.

Support for moms living childless after a loss.

Support for moms who’ve had a traumatic birth experience.

Extensive listings of additional resources herehere and here.


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